Bjorn Thorfoldginfinson

Dashing young merchant's son turned swashbuckling adventurer out of boredom and thirst for fame! (and ladies)


Bjorn is a young and dashing member of Wodensheim's wealthy merchant class. His father, Yurick, runs a successful shipping business both on land and sea and has provided amply for his son. Despite being quite proud of his son's seeming ease with dealing with people, Yurick is impatient for Bjorn to get more involved in the family business.

Bjorn, having been raised in a fairly sheltered way, is rebelling a bit in becoming enamored with the adventuring way of life. He's natural quite talented at a variety of things and is quite personable and wants to seek out new exploits rather than automatically becoming his  father's son.

Despite being generally vain and self-centered, Yurick is kind at heart. He enjoys causing trouble for those that are cruel or mean-spirited. He is vain in an affable kind of way, he thinks he is amazing but does not stop him from admiring others as well. Although he does like to help the needy, it is preferable that someone is watching (hopefully an attractive young woman)

His goal is to gain experience in the rough and tumble world of adventuring using his wits and skills to gain fame and fortune.

Bjorn Thorfoldginfinson

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