True Steel: Basic Training, Part 2

Bjorn Thorfoldginfinson – Wodensheim:

Well, that went well, up till the end there.

Maybe I was a little foggy from the knocks on the head but I seem to recall all kinds of shenanigans on the way back to the Tavern.

The ladder in particular seems to have been a center of great adventure. Even with my rattled senses I was able to jump out of the way as Greta come down the ladder at high-speed, just as fireballs were flying up! All very confusing for a simple viking such as myself just trying to get back for an ale.

Once the hotheads (OK, just Johann) were calmed, I was able to establish a very Vikingly parlay with the unknown men above us.

A few simple questions, about Sir Garrog?, and we were on our way! Easy as that! Why is that some people must turn everything into a battle? You'd think we were a bunch of Clansmen fighting over a peaceful fishing village to plunder!

But by Baldur's Bushy Beard  did we ever get a surprise on return to the Tavern entrance! Foul creatures had slain our fair Gladiator host and set upon us without witty banter or even a flourish of a plumed hat or somesuch. A travesty-and we trounched them accordingly.

And so, it is with heavy hearts that we return from our first outing.

But I have no doubt that we will be accepted into the Guild-our fine group is both powerful and dashing. Greta is a force of nature too wild and strong to be tamed and Johann's strange powers lend him a mettle more fierce than you might expect by appearances.

As for me, I feel alive like I have not yet in this life.  What menace cannot be overcome by a well-placed word, an axe well-swung or a splash of ruinous fire!?? Non I say, so beware ye foul beasts that lurk in the shadows, your time will be made short when you stand against True Steel!!

(Note: I knew those Viking Poetry classes, that father paid for, were going to pay off!)



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