Basic Training - True Steel - Part I

When LARPing crosses the line.

Johann's write up

Oh slag these people are idiots.  We had this great plan to burst in that last room, and Bjorn totally ignores it.  Anyways, I start checkin the room for their stash (yeah, I know they're fake orcs, but a guy can dream), and Vullder notices this weirdness with these crates.  I dunno what the hell Greta and Bjorn are doin, but I go check out the crate and find a secret ladder.  Of course, Vullder takes all the credit.

So we head down and see those idiotic fake orc tracks all around.  Bjorn gets the 'brilliant' idea to send Greta in in that costume we picked up.  I knew it wouldn't work, but nobody listens to me.  Greta just strolls into the room, claimin to be Crimson, even though Crimson's right there in the room.  I figure now is a good time to head off and do my own thing, and Bjorn and Vullder start followin me!  I finally manage to ditch them, and all Ragnarok breaks lose.

Bjorn and Vullden, predictably, just charge right in.  Crimson and pseudo-Crimson start dukin it out, although I can't really tell if they're fightin or huggin really intensely.  Still though, two girls wrestlin in a pool ain't all bad!  ;)  I finally get to show the goods, and make the whole room burst into flames, and somehow Bjorn gets all the credit.

Collosus tries to sneak up on Bjorn, and man o man is it funny to see one of these muscle heads try to sneak up on someone.  I show him how it's done, in the sense that I sneak up on him so he can't see me.  Eventually I manage to take down Collosus, no thanks to Bjorn.  Vullden at least isn't COMPLETELY useless and deals with Fury.  With my help, we manage to take out the rest of them, although I gotta say I practically carried this team.  I think Bjorn got sleepy with all this fightin since he's lyin down right now.

We rescue the 'princess', and HE tells us to head on up.  He gives us the tiara, but I just know we're gonna have to give it back once we get outta here.  We start headin back up the ladder, and Greta stops right at the top.  From where I'm standin though, she can stay right up at the top of that ladder in that little skirt of hers all night long.



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