Five years have passed since the return of sorcery to Midgard. The savage wilderness has reclaimed much of the Republic of Wodensheim’s territories. More has been taken by the innumerable hordes of the orc armies. But who controls them? Some have whispered that the Lord of Mischief has returned to the nine worlds. A beleaguered republic marshals its forces and prepares to make a stand against the forces of chaos that threaten to rip it apart. Many talk of the Vice Chancellor Raevil ascending to become the first emperor and the last hope of this last bastion of civilization, intrigue, and corruption.

Clansmen to the east have raided less and less as they battle for their own family longhouses. Frightening creatures of legend stalk the land, threatening both hearth and hall. But tales are also heard of a desparate attempt, by an unlikely group of heroes, to find the lost god of Thunder. It is again the time for heroes to heed the clarion call of adventure. It is time to gird your waist with steel, kiss your lover for the last time, and plunge headlong into the cold night for plunder, for ruin, for legend!


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