Spring Dawning

Only the most unrepentently bullheaded viking (there are many of those, of course) could deny the obvious truth – magic has returned to Midgard!  Almost overnight, sorcerers from legends long forgotten have returned to ply their arcane arts.  New magicians (and their targets) struggle with the awesome powers at their disposal.  Old feuds have reignited and Wodensheim has scrambled to establish a College of Magic to control these chaotic forces that threaten to tear apart the thin fabric of civilization.  Teams calling themselves The Warders scour the country for witches and warlocks – convincing them to offer their services to the Republic through a mix of gentle diplomacy and violence.

One rumour persists among the speculative mood of the age.  In candlelit rooms one name is on everyone's lips – Loki.  Has the trickster god returned?  Is he at work in the cataclysmic upheval that marks this generation?  If the other gods have left Midgard to lead itself to Ragnarok, who can stop the father of World Serpent from remaking the world of man in his own image?  Many stoutly refuse to waste even an ounce of thought on the matters of the gods, who seemed to have long ago abandonned them.  Others wonder if Midgard might be improved by the undivided attention of the divine.  However, there are also rumours of a desperate band of the most unlikely of heroes seeking to find the other lost son of Odin – pinning their hopes of salvation on the red-bearded god of thunder.

In the west, the Republic of Wodensheim is in a state of consolidation.  The numberless orc hoardes seem to have lost the taste for plunder … for the time being!   The Republic has turned its thoughts inward, placing their trust in their temporary emperor – Vice Chancellor Raevil.  New borders are being established as large swathes of land to the north are reclaimed by the eldrich powers of the wilderness.  Vigilant soldiers patrol the boundaries and roads, keeping the populace in strict control.

In the east, the Clans continally contest and ally with the ancient magical forces around them that have just awoken.  Long grudges between clans and the time-honoured promise of plunder of Republic clans has fallen by the wayside in favour of survival.  One powerful chieftain has arisen to unite the clans and ensure the longevity of their way of life.  He claims to hold the key (the key being a giant gold-plated club) to a glorious future for the true north, strong and free.  Those clans who don't capitulate to this grand vision of oneness have found themselves turned away by old allies and trading partners.

In the forests and under the mountains of Midgard, one thing is certain – the elves and dwarves are busy.  Sightings are more frequent than in the previous decade, but the purpose of all this activity is not clear.  Their cousins, however, have been seen less and less.  The Norns seem to have decreed a further doom for the gnomes.  After centuries of abuse and the horror of facing a reality devoid of magic, the cruel oppression of these whimsical people has taken a new, terrible twist.  These gentle and harassed children have been vanishing off the face of Midgard at an alarming rate.

Now is an age of change, an age of terror, and an age of hope.  The world is in desperate need of brave heroes to help them face the future with courage.  Do you have the mettle to dare to face war and power, suffering and sorrow, mobs and magicians, gods and villains?  Then turn and behold the terrifying magesty of spring dawning! 



Spring Dawning

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