Races of Midgard


Dwarves of Midgard are descendents of colonists from Nidavellir. They were believed to have tunnelled directly between the two worlds. Whether the dwarves still can pass freely between the two is a subject of debate. Nevertheless, the dwarves of Midgard are quite different. The magic that they practise in Nidavellir is not as powerful in Midgard. On the other hand, the dwarves of Midgard can be exposed to sunlight without turning to stone. Some see this as a decent trade-off and as a result they have sought to try their luck at a new world. Dwarven craftsmanship has always been well-regarded and Dwarven kingdoms quickly became the centres of trade for both Elves and Humans. Dwarves related much better with their human neighbours however. If the price was right, they would hire themselves out as mercenaries, or even join a battle without fee if their ties were especially strong to the clan at war. These coalitions were rare though, as dwarves understood the fickle nature of human politics. Dwarves are not exceptionally violent, but they are certainly stubborn and honourable. This has led to several lengthy wars in the Dwarven kingdoms. They are not the foolish bumpkins as portrayed in snow white, but are rather a wise and principled people. Dwarven history is overflowing with examples of bravery. As a people, they prize hard work, kin, and principles. They do not particularly understand excessive amounts of romance, emotionalism, or other kinds of foolishness. Dwarves still trade frequently with humans but they have lost contact with the Elves. They do not participate usually in the human wars now either. They have a very hard time, and no real reason, to relate with the Gnomes. Mixed reports have been making their way out of the dwarven kingdom about the political situation there.

Ability Modifiers:  +1 Con / -1 Cha

Bonus Feats:  Night Vision, Talented(Craft[choose], Search[stonework]), Great Fortitude

Favoured Feats:  Favoured Opponent[goblinoid], Diehard



The elves of Midgard are descendents of colonists from Alfenheim. When elves reach old age, they slowly fade from Midgard and return to their enchanted land. Before the White Queen's curse, elfin and human societies interacted often. Elves were sometimes worshipped as household deities and were believed to be local spirits who could bless or curse their neighbours. Small shrines and sacrifices were often dedicated to elves and humans gave them a healthy dose of respect and reverence. Elf sightings were usually seen as a good omen and any crime perpetrated by humans on elves was seen as particularly odious (often because the elves would not leave such a thing unpunished). In later years, heroes sought out the elfin kingdoms on quests of knowledge and wisdom. In these cases, the elves were incredibly hospitable hosts and many legendary humans became honourary elves until their brief lives came to an end. Elves traded with dwarves, but shared little in common with them otherwise. Elves lived side-by-side but separately with the Gnomes. Both races were on very good terms with each other and their societies freely mingled. Elves primarily occupied the thick sprawling forests of Midgard although some outposts existed in the remote rolling hills, or along the coasts. Elves were good-hearted, magical, and whimsical creatures. They are adventurous without being ambitious (longevity cultivates patience), inquisitive without being foolhardy, generous without being naïve, beautiful without being vain, and carefree without being unprepared. Something has been happening in the Elfin world since the cataclysm though. Elf sightings have become incredibly rare (and usually discredited in Wodensheim), and those Elves that have been seen appear troubled and suspicious. 

Ability Modifiers:  +1 Cha / -1 Con

Bonus Feats:  Night Vision, Talented (Notice and Search), Animal Empathy

Favoured Feats:  One Power



The gnomes of Midgard likely share a common ancestry with the dwarves and elves. They may perhaps be the descendents of the happy union of the two races outside of their home worlds. They are carefree spirits of the woods and hills who live a whimsical existence. They are enchanted with daily life, which is a mixture of the strange and the mundane. They are a simple, but clever people who have little ambition or inclination beyond their everyday living. They often live in tunnels, giant plants, hollowed out trees, tree-houses, or caves. They are happy to share their time with each other, and with the creatures around them. They love eating, working on their hobbies, playing games, dancing, and storytelling. They are a pacifistic people and avoid conflict if possible, relying on mischief rather than force, to get their point across. They live in a magical and illusionary world but this is not to say that they are deceitful. Their magic is an expression of their view of the world and is a way to convey some of the great truths about life that are often obscured by reality. They interact freely with Elves, but are not really understood by the Dwarves. Humans infrequently trade with them or will impulsively run off to join them. Usually the cultural divide is too great however so Gnomes are viewed with a fair bit of puzzlement. The cataclysm had a profound impact on the gnomes. For a race that used magic in the way that humans breathed, the tainting of sorcery in Midgard nearly destroyed the Gnomish race. Reality was a hostile and unfamiliar place for the powerless Gnomes. They were frequently taken advantage of by their human neighbours. Their loss of magic led to self-destructive behaviour and many Gnomes turned to other sources to escape from reality. Human slavers find Gnomes easy to catch and more resilient than humans when it comes to dangerous and menial tasks. Recently, Gnomes have been vanishing from the face of Midgard in large numbers and with absolutely no explanation.  In short, Gnomish society is in terrible peril both from without and within.

Ability Modifiers:  +1 Con / -1 Str

Bonus Feats:  Night Vision, Talented (Bluff and Stealth), Lucky

Favoured Feats:  One Power



Humans are the predominant race on Midgard. Their principal lands are the sprawling modern republic of Wodensheim in the South and the archaic and multitudinous territories of the city states of Tiwaz which lie to the East. However humans can be found in almost any part of the continent. They are highly adaptive creatures who run the gamut of dreams, personalities, and beliefs.

Ability Modifiers:  none  (but one extra skill point per level)

Bonus Feats:  One Feat from your role at 1st level

Favoured Feats:  Choose two based on your background 



Many different races have come into contact with humans over the centuries.  As a result, many human-looking inhabitants of Midgard share an ancestry with another race.  Some of these individuals are unaware of their heritage.  Each person deals with their family tree differently based on their personality, their regional culture, or the nature of the interaction between the two races in question.



Ability Modifiers:  +1 Wis / -1 Int

Bonus Feats:  Night Vision, Talented (Notice and Survival), Track

Favoured Feats:  either Rage and Favoured Opponent[animals] or Enhance Senses



Ability Modifiers:  none

Bonus Feats:  Night Vision, Talented (Notice and Search), any other feat based on role at 1st level

Favoured Feats:  either Animal Empathy and any other feat based on their background or one power



Ability Modifiers:  +1 Cha / -1 Con

Bonus Feats:  Night Vision, Talented (Notice and Search), Animal Empathy

Favoured Feats:  one power



Ability Modifiers:  +1 Str / -1 Dex

Bonus Feats:  Talented (Climb and Jump), All-out-attack, Great Fortitude

Favoured Feats:  Cleave and Diehard



Ability Modifiers:  +1 Con / -1 Int

Bonus Feats:  Talented (Climb and Jump), All-out-attack, Great Fortitude

Favoured Feats:  Rage and Diehard



Ability Modifiers:  none

Bonus Feats:  Night Vision, Talented (Climb and Jump), All-out-attack

Favoured Feats:  Rage and Favoured Opponent[Elves]



Ability Modifiers:  +1 Con / -1 Cha

Bonus Feats:  Night Vision, Talented (Notice and Survival), Great Fortitude

Favoured Feats:  Tough and Diehard


Races of Midgard

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