Vullder Brands


Strength +1

Dexterity +3

Constitution +4

Intelligence -2 

Wisdom +2

Charisma -2

Weapon Training – Bow, Attack Focus (+1 att), Point Blank (+1 att, dam), Farshot (>by half)

Night Vision, Tracking, Determination, Talented in Notice and Survival 

Bow and two short swords, armor, pipe.

Tall, beard – never been trimmed, piercing yellow/grey eyes.


The cold wind is fresh and invigorating. The day has been a success with the meat from the day's hunt slowly roasting over the fire – Vullder breathes in deeply from his Eltang pipe – ahhh, life is glorious. Praise be to Ullr.

It has been two months in these mountains, an annual rite, alone and free with only his bow and his contemplation of Ullr to keep him company (the principles of honesty, integrity and kindness are solidified). The spring thaw will come soon and then…well, something must be done…the pelts he brings home are no longer enough to feed the now twelve little mouths. Vullder smiles in memory of youthful exuberance. Praise be to Ullr.

No matter. Vullder exhales a ring of smoke and in that instant he smells the roasting meat, a falcon dives for the kill its cry piercing and all around the sun is shining. Praise be to Ullr. 

Vullder Brands

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