Olaf the Simple

Good-old boy looking for adventure, just can't hold onto the loot for too long, good at knocking heads together.


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Olaf Razzenfrassen is an uncomplicated man. He’s the third son of a sustainable farmer on the coastal region of Tiwazalla who decided that adventure and plunder were more appealing options than working as a farmhand. With his older brother in line to inherit the family farm, Olaf packed up his worldly goods and caught the first longboat for adventure and gold. While he was a decent raider he was a little too gullible and found himself losing what gold he could carry at the local tavern – be it on a shiny new warhammer or any available gambling. Many say it was Olaf who gave rise to the saying that a fool and his money are easily parted. Still, he tries hard to save a bit of scratch every now and again but he’s always finding himself looking for the next job to get his head back above the various debts or for whatever new trinket catches his fancy.

Strong as an ox and almost foolishly brave Olaf has found no shortage of decent paying jobs throughout Wodensheim. It seems that enough people need someone who can ride a horse and knock a few heads together that he’s never really without a bit of pocket change. And that’s the trouble, while he’s a good-old farm boy who can knock heads together he’s unable to bargain for what he’s actually worth, so finding Gust was a stroke of luck – better to be swindled by your friend than a complete stranger. And having a nice floor by a fire to sleep on is always welcomed.

In many ways Olaf is like a golden retriever – blonde, hairy, over enthusiastic, too much energy, loyal and not always the brightest guy at the tavern table. If he’s decided you’re his pal, he’ll go to Ragnarok to help you out of a jam (or more likely give you his last two gold pieces). Like any good country boy he will get insulted if you go on a bit too long about him, his family, his upbringing, his friends, or if you dismiss the more warlike adventurous gods a little too much for his likings. He doesn’t have a short fuse, but he can get caught up in the moment and lay waste to anything in his path.

Underneath it all, he’s just a guy who loved the stories of the gods and he always dreamt of adventure rather than the daily plod of farm-life (sure being the last possible heir to the farm didn’t help much either). So at the first opportunity, off he went to create his own epic like the stories he loved. He just doesn’t remember Thor collecting debts.

Olaf the Simple

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